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Why is factory applied staining better?

First of all, painting or staining freshly milled natural wood is necessary. Without it, your new siding will quickly darken and will now be susceptible to mold, cupping, and movement in the wood. Getting that “new” look will now require a lot of time and money

Weather conditions, including rain, snow, drizzle, and higher than normal humidity ratings, can be a major deterrent for proper stains, whether it is an oil or latex application. Depending upon where in the country you live, and what the normal humidity ratings may be, applying exterior stain may not be possible on the job site. We apply all stains in a climate controlled building which drastically eliminates the possibility of moisture contamination.

Whether you are using spray, brushing, rolling or back rolling product coatings, having a consistent amount applied is very important, especially working with stains. Our state of the art stain line starts by “flooding” the material ensuring total coverage followed by brushing to get complete even coverage.

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