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ENDURAWOOD Premium White Fir & Pine Patterns + Trim

At Western Woods we do not believe affordable building material should translate into sub-standard quality or performance. With Western Woods ENDURAWOOD Premium Patterns + Trim you will find a great wood product that strikes the right balance of strength, value, and quality appearance without breaking your budget. Available in both White Fir and Pine, Western Woods ENDURAWOOD is easy to work whether you are working with the material by hand or with power tools.

Thanks in part to their fine, smooth grain, both species are known for their ability to take stain and paint with ease, allowing ENDURAWOOD to achieve a clean look without any grain raising or deformation. Better still, thanks to the smooth texture of both species, ENDURAWOOD is able to firmly grip onto most paints, stains, and other surface applications, providing your project the ability to maintain exceptional appearance over time.

Sustainably Harvested


ENDURAWOOD Premium Patterns & Trim is sourced from wood material producers that practice sustainable farming and harvesting techniques.

Application Versatility


ENDURAWOOD is extremely versatile, effectively working across a wide variety of applications - both inside and out. 

Exceptional Value


ENDURAWOOD offers exceptional product for value due to its excellent performance, broad versatility, and great strength.

Wildlands-Urbran Interface

ENDURAWOOD is a WUI-Certified product. At Western Woods your safety matters. Keenly aware that more people are moving into the Wildland-Urban Interface ("WUI") - the region between cities and the wild natural environment, our team has been proactively seeking out methods to produce lumber products that offer increased survivability in environmental events such as wildfires. 


To learn more about the Wildland-Urban Interface and the benefits of WUI certified products, please visit the official website via the button below.

Durable. Versatile. Build Better

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Shelving. Framing. Decking. Fascia.

And much more.

ENDURAWOOD Premium Patterns & Trim can be used on a wide variety of applications. From window and door trim to siding; from fascia to ceilings. In addition to its endurance and versatility, ENDURAWOOD is available in a variety of patterns and textures. See the diagrams below for additional information on how you can use ENDURAWOOD on your next building project.

ENDURAWOOD is a product that looks truly remarkable on your build, regardless of the application. Take a look at this gallery that demonstrates how you can use ENDURAWOOD.

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