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Taking Lumber to the Next Level

One of our many services, Western Woods also offers full-service custom lumber re-manufacturing. In our state of the art facility we produce secondary wood products backed by our years of experience in the field of soft-woods. With our know-how and assortment of modern equipment including moulders, resaws, Stainline, Primeline, and more, we are confident we can deliver on any of your production needs.

All materials are handled in our clean environment – from our asphalt exterior surfaces to our resaw and planer buildings, all the way into our shipping facility for bundling, end capping, and wrapping. We consistently monitor the textures from our machines and maintain an assortment of pattern knives to provide customers with a variety of product options, including custom patterns in both rough and smooth textures. We carefully control the conditions of our Primeline and Stainline service areas to guarantee we deliver a superior quality product. Everything at Western Woods is stored inside our warehouse to guard against the elements and provide ultimate protection.

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