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Protect new wood siding and natural exterior finish before it is installed by priming it at Western Woods.


The basics of priming:

Using our state of the art paint booth, we apply an even coat of high quality Premier Finishes, Inc. (“PFI”) primer to all four sides of the wood. The wood then travels through a drying oven making sure primer is cured evenly at a controlled temperature. The wood finishes its journey and is then inspected for quality and end painted to ensure complete protection.

Why is priming recommended?

Frequently, today’s homes are wrapped with a vapor barrier, i.e. Tyvek or foiled faced insulation which does not allow large moisture droplets to flow through. This, coupled with the fact that siding is often times not vented, means the moisture gets trapped behind the siding. Priming natural wood siding helps control rotting, mold build up, cupping and movement in the wood, which ultimately gives your siding and your finish coat more longevity.

Where is the trapped moisture coming from?

Trapped moisture occurs either when heated or air-conditioned air from the house radiates out and meets the cold or hot air outside. When the dew point is reached, moisture is formed in various sized droplets. On fall mornings, this phenomenon is evident on your car’s windshield. The temperature inside your car is warmer than the outside temperature which causes various sized water droplets to form. The chance of moisture collecting on the backside of siding increases in the summer, when humidity is at its highest. The high temperatures also promote mildew growth and deterioration at an alarming rate.

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