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Custom Lumber by Western Woods

Making every project look and feel unique is the goal of every craftsman, designer, and architect. With Western Woods Custom Cut™ custom wood services you can do just that. This year we have broken new ground and in addition to our expansive inventory of conventional building materials, we are proud to offer our customers the option to order materials to spec. Slabs, dowels, beams, fencing, and more – each piece exactly as you want it.

With our new mill, we at Western Woods will produce a product tailored to your very needs and specifications. We are not talking small pieces, either. Our mill is capable of cutting logs up to 21 feet long and 36 inches in diameter, providing you with countless possibilities for even large scale projects.

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Even better, our Custom Cut™ service, like many of our services here at Western Woods, is environmentally friendly. Our cutting and milling processes have been optimized by our well-trained craftsman to produce an excellent product with minimal waste, making the most of each log we cut. Better still, we are not only efficient with our logs, but with our turnaround as well, offering a competitive price for the best quality product. And that is something we stand by.

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