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Made with quality materials and designed for easy installation, Iron Railing distributed by Western Woods is the perfect option for your next deck project. These products are a great way to save money on your project while maintaining a high–end appearance. We proudly distribute a product contractors enjoy working with and homeowners love looking at.

Iron Railing products undergo an extensive, multi-layered coating process that gives the product a durable and long lasting appearance while keeping the integrity and strength of the panel intact. These multiple layers of protection give the homeowner confidence and a peace of mind when installing Iron Railing.

Due to its thin profile, Iron Railing products are extremely durable, and deliver great visibility as well. The weld points are finely sanded down for a nice clean appearance. Quick installation and low material cost make this one of the most cost–effective railing options on the market.

Western Woods offers 6 and 8 foot prefabricated panels that do not require welding, making installation quick and efficient. 32 and 38 inch height options are available. Attach your panels to the posts using easy-to-use brackets. To easily tie your railing into the style of your deck, Iron Railing products come in 3 different color options: Matte Black, Gloss Black, and Antique Bronze.


Follow these general installation steps to install your railing. More specific instructions and assistance available upon request.*

  • 1. Secure posts to deck surface by bolting into substructure (blocking connected to the frame of the deck).
  • 2. Determine the inside distance between the two posts. Cut panel (away from decking surface) to fit that measurement. Apply spray cover up paint (ex. Rust-oleum) to cut points before installation.
  • 3. Mark location of brackets on posts for desired railing height. Pre-drill posts before installing brackets.
  • 4. Slide brackets into the panel’s top and bottom rail, sandwich panel between posts, fasten brackets to posts.

*Building codes can vary from state to state and county to county. Please check with your local building department to ensure you meet proper code requirements before installing your Western Woods Iron Railing.

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