Western Woods September 2017 Newsletter

Annual Golf Tournament

2017 Golf Tournament Image 2

Another one for the history books! Our annual customer appreciation golf tournament took place on July 24th. Another hot summer day in Chico, however we made the most of it with cold beverages, and the shade of the oak trees along the always beautiful Canyon Oaks golf course. For some lucky foursomes, it may have even included a quick dip in a neighbor’s pool.

The much anticipated weekend included a mill tour, practice rounds and a luncheon. Good times and belly laughs were had by all while we explored the newest bar downtown, the Parkside Pub. The comfortable atmosphere, games and great company made for a very relaxing way to unwind from the day.

The post tournament banquet and awards ceremony was emceed by our very own Tom Von Moos. We appreciate all of you and everything you do. We sincerely hope those who were able to attend will be able to come back again next year and that we get even more new faces for 2018.

A very special thank you to our sponsors for helping make this year a success, yet again. Click here, the image above, to check out a video of the event.



Introducing our latest innovation – Premium Designs Stained Decking

Our custom formulated ‘Premium Designs Sienna’ stain gives you the color of redwood at a fraction of the cost. The decking is made from local, sustainable, white fir deck boards. Pre-stained using out factory applied stain line, the SuperDeck by Sherwin Williams stain, gives you four-sided coverage saving your customers both time and money. The oil based SuperDeck stain makes the deck boards water repellant and mildew resistant while providing UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Click here to learn more about Western Woods Stain Line.

Premium Designs Custom Staining

 Total Eclipse of I5 

August 21st total solar eclipse viewing started on the west coast in Madras Oregon. Millions migrated to Oregon for the chance to look up at the sky for the astrological event of the decade. The mass exodus after the two minute show clogged Interstate 5 for several hours and hundreds of miles.

Our truck drivers, who know the Oregon route well, took a well-deserved day off while the eclipse traffic inched away into the sunset.

From our Northern California vantage point we had about an 85% view of the eclipse. Looking around from our hilltop spot we could see others out in front of their office buildings. It was pretty cool to not only see a solar eclipse, but how one common event can bring everyone out and together.

Photo Credit: KIRO-TV